Heroic or Demonic

the dragons will fly again

“I am telling you; just do as I say and you shall see with your own eyes” said the man at his mid-forties; he spoke unlike his loud and clear voice worshiped by many others.

In the depth of the cave they were sitting around a rock table on the same rock-like chairs; the shadows were dancing on the shapeless walls, stone fireplace ; puzzled eyes listening to their master:
“When I am up on the cross; I will wait for about 3 , 4 hours; as long as I can stand the pain and loosing my blood, then I will swallow the pill I’m hiding under my tongue; only in 10 minutes my heart will stop beating; and I will have no pulse…”

“But master” said the youngest one among the other 5; “what if the soldiers get way over drunk and just stab you right there on the cross”.
“No they wont” he said; “there will be enough reasons for that: the weather will be very depressive; strong winds must probable; and of course the eclipse; not a very good weather to drink and don’t ask me how I will be on top of the cross exactly on that date; it will come to me; in the worst case I will ask for the day as my last wish” he then suddenly stood up and started the Swallah dance singing.
The other five men joined him immediately; they sang the ancient rhyme together and called out to the Angels of Wisdom…

The master later continued saying; “When all men believe in the Fear after my death and raising; then they would have to fight back for the light; such is the deal with the darkness and at the end of the time given; the truth will no longer be hidden; and all remaining enlightened souls will shine in the wisdom of perception; that it was only the countless sacrifice they had to make… Now in the preparation for the day of glory there is much to be done”

They quietly marched out of the cave; sealed it as it was where all the necessary medicine was kept for recovering the master after the crucifixion; he would remain dead for several hours and it would have been too near the edge of returning from the land of the dead. The Roman soldiers would examine his body and realizing he had no breath and pulse would bring his cross down and let his people collect the body. They would have to rush back to the cave to commence the awakening ceremony with preparing medicine to be blown into his nose and mouth; and some other into his eyes; into his ears. At the same time he would have been placed into his warmed-up hot tube. They all would give him the massage as they had practiced before when they were in the Tibetans lands. He would then recover for 3 days; while the sun would stay in its orbit and the ancient completion would take place… The stars would move into their new positions and the war would begin. The one that will end for centuries…

And such happened when Jesus walked among the people and didn’t say much really when all started to say how he came back to life after 3 days; when he walked out with a very in-place and dramatic make-up; when the crowd is there and he walks out of the cave…

Being seen once or twice in some main locations was highly enough as the master told them on the way to the western European realms into the north;

“Now we will join our brothers and watch the world go by; untill the Day of Glory comes and the deal will be over and the truth revealed; when such truth hits each and every face; they will realize for the second time why I died; and the Angels of the Earthly Mother will descend upon them. Jupiter and Venus will reach their souls and they will be enlightened by the Spirit of the Sun. The Day of Glory will also be remembered as the day of the big disaster when many will die…When with the massive explosion the orbit of our planet will change… Mother Earth wakes up; the angels will become countless in numbers and furthermore once again the magic will be visible to the eyes of the mankind…

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