Updated Turkey AKP End of the Road

Hİ folks; let me try to tell you what the hell is happening in this country. Prime Minister is in deep shit and all his cabinet of course. These dudes think they are extra clever and that they can do whatever they like. Just today the PM says “we are both lawmaker & the implementer” look at that. What else would a dictator say really; you could only make laws to be discussed in the parlemento.
Right so these bastards have sold Iranian ptroleum illegaly and God knows for how many years; they have taken bribes (all in proof videos). And now they are telling the people they only wanted to get us ALL rich. Phewww so in the budget annual discussions in the parliment these figures should have been blended in as some kind of revenue??? Did they do this NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO of course not they want all the money roughly about 80.000.000 euro was discovered or evidenced to be bribed. Well they are here for the last 11 years just think about that
will try to explain as the time goes by…..

One thought on “Updated Turkey AKP End of the Road

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