Ergenekon the Freedom

Ergenekon is the ancient Turkic story of re-birth and freedom.Of course it is a pre-Islamic story. Many of Turkish intellectuals have used the term in their poems or stories. It has been a point of honor for the Republican literature.

The story takes place in original Turkic area North of China part of Mongolia today. In the story the children of the King and his brother of those days loose their way on a hunt and get trapped in a narrow valley where they can not find the way out. As they are opposite sex and not relatives they decide to settle and start a new life. After 400 years they become so overpopulated they had to discover a passage a way out of the Iron Mountains. Finally they decide to make 70 iron-ovens and melt the mountain to dig a passage. On 21 of March they manage to dig a way out. This is why 21 March is celebrated amongst the Turks; traditionally with some fire and fire works to represent the ovens. So basically it is a story of RESTART and FREEDOM.

This government hates any issue Turkic or admired by republicans. Therefore to vastly destroy the meaning of the word “Ergenekon” they named it after the court case against the Turkish Army. Following the arrests of the generals any one could have been a suspect of the case being an Ergenekonist. The court is amusingly funny and full of nonsence. There are no hard evidence against the generals but yet they are imprisoned. Everyday more than 30 generals and 200 hight ranked solidires are suffering the imprisonment. They are the children of our clan that are kept in the mountains. The foolish government of AKP will shatter once more when they melt the iron bars of the prison and regain their freedom. The AKP would have to find a hole for themselves to hide…

One thought on “Ergenekon the Freedom

  1. well these days thanks to Tanrı that the bars are gone and most of our ranked soldiers are now free. But the damage that’s been done is there so many have lost even their mental health…. therefore a punishment is pending for those who set the trial of Ergenekon

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