Such a huge pile of SHIT: AKP end of the road

The prosecutors Celal Kara and Mehmet Yüzgeç whom were implementing the “Fraud Investigation of 17 December” have been removed from the case. The new assignment came to them via email. (is that normal??)as discusting as it can be AKP

In this case there is only one prosecutor on the case; but law code states 3 signatures each of a prosecutor are needed on a file to be implemented. The “objection to the case” that was placed by the lawyers of Zarrab the Iranian billionaire remains unanswered, because the fucked up government has removed prosecutors. They are sacking all the justice system and there is no one to help us, nor my lovely nation will ever wake-up from their dream of “AKP is doing fine”. But the end is near for AKP as WE all will be pushing…

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