The killer cops

The police officer whom aimed shot in the head and killed Ethem Sarısülük is almost rewarded

emniyet-polis copy

There is no justice in this country at the moment. This murderer police officer Ahmet Şahbaz should have been sentenced to 50 years minimum heavy imprisonment. WE DEMAND JUSTICE for ETHEM. The police state shall shatter before this demand. How come this murderer hasn’t even been trialed? All he gets is a 24 months suspension from duty; not even made redundant from the PD. The fact is the footage video presenting how clearly Şahbaz shoots Ethem is all over the internet and yet he says in the court case he was attacked. The video is here the fact.


3 thoughts on “The killer cops

    • ülke Atatürk e ayyaş denildiği gün parçalanmıştır. Ben parçalamadım ama böyle bir zihniyetle ölürüm de birleşmem. Sen çoğunluk yandaşısın şu anda beni ihbar edip tutuklatabilirsin eğer bu adamlara bu kadar manyakcasına tapıyorsan. Ben pes etmeyeceğime göre eninde sonunda olacak da budur zaten.

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