“Daddy there’s only 30 million Euro left”

The tape on air on youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ki_Ife8-v1w) reveals a conversation between father & son; Prime Minister and his son Bilal. The details of the conversation can be summerized as follows:

PM: the investigation now involves searching houses so get rid of the money
Bilal:err which monies; ahh yes monies dear daddy
PM: is there much left? Has Sümeyye come yet?
Bilal: not much left daddy just 30 million Euro….funbilo

Lets look at this in 2 ways:
1- the tape is correct; PM and all his cabinet should be arrested; to prevent this they are modifiying law codes. “HSYK” which is the “Supreme Council of Judges & Prosecutors” and MIT (Turkish Intelligence Agency) are the main ones being played with. As AKP gains more control over these two “bodies” they will slowly cover the traces of the Big Fraud of 17 December.
2- The tape is not correct; it needs to be firmly proven not to be correct; there are already thousands of absolute idiots who are saying the tape is fake. Then still the PM has been made prime suspect. It will have a smaller effect being fake. But will give a big laugh to the nation

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