Towards the Election

AKP is creating fake citizen in order to rise their votes. The same happened in previous elections with AKP. There was a black-out in the capital for 10 minutes in the last general election in 2011. It is so obvious what a power hick-up like this can enable the pros to modify the SEÇSİS the election software. All software open to manipulation. In Sarıyer of Istanbul 504 residences were created virtually. And 10.000 ghost residents in these premises will vote for AKP.


How can we trust a software system that Europe has rejected. Various programmers have already declared the lack of secureness of the system; not to be trusted in the wrong hands. We should count every and each vote with the representative from all participating parties regardless it would take 78 hours if necessary with no sleep.Is this why the PM so reluctantly says “we will win the elections” or “I will get retired and abandon politics if we loose”. Surely there is more than the trust in his folks.

One thought on “Towards the Election

  1. bir yerlerden sahte oy pusulası çıkarsa, bil ki bunun tek bir sorumlusu vardır, o da sandığın kişi değildir. birilerinin planları arasında, sadece iftira, sahtekarlık ve hile var. o kişilerin de kim olduklarını çok iyi biliyorsun…

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