Anatolian Skies

This sacred land is in the middle of the planet when you look at a world map. As S. Noah Kramer says the history begins in Mesopotamia neighbor of our Anatolia. It was Sumerians whom left traceable history as they had their own alphabet and language: This is 5000 years before Jesus. The Sumerians had a vast administrative settlement; facilities for public, schools and hospitals; libraries. The history of Sumer is so important that Ataturk asked a few selected ones to study this. Muazzez İlmiye Çiğ is a very respected lady whom had worked side by side by Samuel Noah Kramer. This lady has been able to read tablets and compose a few books on the subject. The Sumerian mythology seems to be the foundation for almost every other myth. When compared we ca see that most of the stories in the old testament are coming from Sumerians; Noah’s flood, the sin cities Sodom & Gomorrah and more. sumer

In today Turkish many names of the months are coming from Sumerians; Temmuz (July) is Tammuz which is the son of Semiramis (Ishtar); Şubat is the queen of the Sumer and Haziran (june) ad four others months have Sumerian roots. The fact is that it is not only some names that have come to Anatolia countless numbers of traditions and belief had emerged too. These are still alive; hey have changed shape, transformed into other forms but the origin is yet noticeable. These traditions are heavily under attack these days by the ruling AKP. They are discriminating the Alevi people whom actually are the real face of Turkic Islam. For centuries from the Sumerian era to the late Byzantine women have had an enormous power in the society. From the Goddess Ishtar to Kybele and Aphrodite the female held the position. Do you know that the Turks say “ay, ay ay” when something strange or bad happens; or they would say “ay aman” today. “Ay” means moon in Turkish; this is coming from the moon goddess (İshtar-İnanna) of course, when they all used to worship the moon.
And now the Islamic Sunni fraction which is the majority in the country is crushing the woman’s rights. They are destroying all the old tradition and to replace it with what. The Sunni as the word means are following the tradition of the Islam not the holy book Qur’an. This tradition is coming from Sahaba the people who lived with the prophet Muhammad and spoke of the events. So it is twisted. The Anatolian Skies have been experiencing most horrifying nightmare recently. Everything Ataturk said and did in terms of reality and humanity is being wiped out….

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