Turkic Traditions-1

Talking of some of the Turkish traditions; I’d like to start with the ones I really like.

The Evil Eye: first of all this is a very bad translation/interpretation of the meaning of the symbol. It is “Nazar Boncuğu” in Turkish which has nothing to do with evil in it. When you look up the dictionary to see what “Nazar” means you would find a lot of words not even close to each other. This is the fact that some words can just not be translated but explained: why would you touch the wood? It is because you don’t want anything bad to happen against your plans, ideas or just what you have spoken about. This bad thing that you don’t want to happen to you or your beloved ones or your possessions is believed to be caused by NAZAR.  So now we have an idea about the word and of course it’s got to be called superstition simply. But our hermetic minds always believe in these connections. And how is “nazar” created then? It is a jealous and envying person’s look, speech and actions that could cause the nazar. And “boncuk” is simply the “bead”.


Now we have a general understanding about the “bead of protection from envying eyes”. But why is it blue? Turks do not have blue eyes. Therefore we need to dig deep and see “when” this bead of protection had come into the existence. Archeological searches have not been able to trace the existence of the bead anywhere before the 10th century. Only in this century and afterwards beads of various shapes and sizes have been found in the excavations. In this case it is clear that the Turks have invented this talisman before the Islamic period, when they were shamans and pagans. But still why blue? What was the major events in the 10th and 11th centuries when we look at the history of Anatolia? Two major issues Turks had began to accept Islam and the 1st Crusaders had marched throughout Anatolia. The crusaders had blue eyes. They were sacking and razing everything on their way. Besides they had brought diseases that never existed among Turks. This is the reason why this talisman is BLUE. To protect them from blue-eyed demons! In time the meaning changed and became a general protection from bad stuff. But this is the source. So when our dear European friends buy these charming beads they should know that this is to protect them from themselves!!!

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