Future Energy

As a Property agent dealing with the European; it is not only the quality and the price of the real estate that matters; but also the introduction of the region, the national financial situation and the growth. In these terms we need to have a deep knowledge of our country the Turkish Republic. We need to be able to describe the foundations of our republic as well as the prospected future. So in my article today I will focus on the future which is seriously involving Turkey as well.

The future energy sources

Germany, Belgium and France had commenced feasibility studies about Sahara Project many years ago. The Solar Furnace Project in Sahara Desert is the master plan for the future of the electricity feeding all North Europe. This is in scope with the project that many European countries are now becoming more aware of the need to use the solar power therefore involvement into the project is increased in

solarterms of companies from these European countries. The map here shows a proposed scheme of producing and the transferring of the energy. This is just one of the companies having made the proposal. There are many various schemes like this. The fact is Turkey is always in the plan. Solar Furnaces can be built in Turkey as the country is in the sun-belt area. And it obviously is on the main route of transferring this energy, therefore Turkey will benefit in any case. It is said that the Arab Spring was caused by the European countries desiring to have full control of the Sahara Desert. It is also known Kaddafi the ex-Libyan Leader had always stated he was totally against such kind projects strengthening the conspiracy of Arab Spring by EU. Nevertheless the Solar Furnace is the savior of our energy in the future and obviously it is an eco-friendly system as has no discharge of fumes or other pollution. Being on the sun-belt will not only keep attracting tourist to our lovely country but also allow us to have full benefit of the Solar systems.

So if you want to be close to pay less for this new source of energy; this was another reason for you to invest or to simply live in Turkey.


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