The Chosen Identity

There are 2 types of people in general; the ones that are born into an “identity” and the ones that are choosing an “identity”. The first category accepts and obeys the rules of the ID they are born to without questioning much.

The second category on the other hand holds restless minds; searching for every bit of a trace when they need to believe anything. They move from a city to another or even another country and start all over.


Its the extremes on both ends that require focusing: while the first type becomes rebel in the deserts and chopps heads; the other turns out to be a mistic like William Blake or many others.

The ancient cult The Essenes; where the word “essence” actualy comes from were a sect thad had a very diferrent understanding of daily life and sipiritual matters. When a young man reached the age of 18; he would be taken to other countries and remote areas: he would be introduced with various traditions and culture of other nations. At the end of the one-year-long jouney; he would be asked to decide wheather he would contineu to stay with them or if he wished to live elswhere. Only that he would have to speak and explain why. The reason needed to be acceptable for the Elders of the sect.


The idea of a homeland is supported by the governments and aristocrats; some sort of waging war against the enemies… For the Given Identity needs to be conserved, protected, because it not fought for, it is empty, void.

If you have chosen where to live, to study, where and how to work and who to work with and who to live. If your path opens up when you push, if you have a favorite mountain; a lake, a meadow maybe. Furthermore if you are aware that all achieved and suffered by mankind is a part of you then you have chosen your indentity.

You would know then, unlike it is believed; it is not the blockage on the way of the streaming waters which determine its path; it is the material carried by the water; it is the coldness and the heat of the waters. Imagine a day in may when the rocks are warm and the water is cold; a slightest crack in a rock would lead to its shaterring when filled with the icy water.


which obstacle stands on my way
when I am loaded with fire and air

cause to the Children of the Light
had such spoken Zaradustra
the Time, my children he’d said:
it is only for the evil to do his work
as the Time began when he attacked us

just remember of what-so-ever that comes your way
the Time has been counted and there is an end for it

2 thoughts on “The Chosen Identity

  1. We are not born with identities, the “!”dentities is a result of interaction with others, we form many identities during our lifetime, they come and go an vary depending on whom with whom are relating. The cracks come not when we change identities but when we become aware that we have them and can observe their formations and have the choice to identify with all these different “I” dentities or not and dare I say it, the provocative idea maybe that there is no permanent self but just a stream of consciousness which is a pool connecting us all…..enough said.

    • both yes and no. But first of all thank you for sharing your valuable thoughts here. Yes to the stream of consciousness and no to the hunderds of identities. One can have interfaces! or masks thats what you re referring to. I talk about when you are 2 months old and are baptized in a church and you are a Christian without you even understanding anything going around you. You are born into the idea of being British or Turkish. so what I say is more concrete
      NAMASTE nice to be talking to you

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