In my eyes; the city I was born into; İstanbul has thousands of stories to tell.

What it has become today is far more than what I could have ever imagined. The Pera; İstiklal the herat of the city where I went to high school: it used to be filled with all type of Bars & Pubs; the ones I used to go to Kemancı; Gitar Rock Bar; Gittanes Bar; Jazz Stop places with all live bands, amazing dudes rocking all nigh; till 4 or 5 am; that was my Beyoğlu, Taksim youth with so much alchohol involved.

NOW I had to go deep and deeper into back streets to find a tiny “blues” playing bar and not live neither! All main streets filled with Syrian Arabs; sign on the shops written in arabic. God what a metamorphosis! Gone back to the ottoman times for sure. alchohol almost dissapeared from the main streets. So much to say about this change, drastic change.

yet İstanbul or Constantinople remains that glorious capital of all cultures and this video I took while walking in Beyoğlu is the proof to me; guys on İstiklal Street revealing the cosmopolite side of this megapolis.

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