Time to Update the “Updated Turkey AKP End of the Road”

As I mentioned before; it’s all happening just taking a longer time then we had expected. This now so called President is trembling in fear in his 1050 roomed monstrous palace where he had hoped to set up a core team of his ministers whom never showed up!! And the economy is flying downwards with the US Dollars being 2,6 record level ever. The mass-loss of the traders in Turkey is unspeakable. And what the hell is this Semi-presidential system?? You know when you copy things into the Turkish system it just becomes the monster version of the same.

All above that this “Internal Security Package” that the AKP has introduced; the never-ending fights in the parliament over this. This act is taking all our human rights away. Yet the dictator trembles in fear; he goes to see his allah with an army of soldiers and bodyguards. No prayers and gods can save his soul. He is damned in the minds of the Turkish Nation

The game they have been playing with the Kurds; the PKK; such an embarrassment. And now the murderer of 40.000 Turkish people is going to be freed??!! Seriously; you want to start a real war Erdoğan. All the fear you have shapes you with the hatred and you would always go for the worst case scenario.

Layout 1

But none of this is going to happen cause the Turks are not Arabs and the plans made for Turkey have always been a disaster for the plan-makers. These Anatolian lands are far more blessed and protected by the blood of the ancients who spared their lives here.

Greece must be a good example for our opposition parties; they need to realize that they have to find a major common ground and alter their members immediately by replacing them with young brains.

The picture is very dark because an ill-fated hatred person is ruling; they way he spoke of women is the number one reason why the violence against female has increased so much. Simply because the brainless man thinks now he can beat his wife becuase the government is not doing anything about it. And a teacher with the same brain holds a stick in the classroom with a writing on it saying “the support for the education”; this all comes from Erdoğan’s brain.

And he just cant imagine of the big celebration in every house and the street of this country when he dies.

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