Evil in League with Governments

I feel blessed; maybe it is because of how arrogant I am.  Or because I am more of an idiot indeed. But yet something keeps me going; keeps me willing. Don’t tell me why; some of you who are religious or believes in a supreme being would say it is because of that. Some others would say it is becuase I drink too much. Some’d say read too much.

I believe it is the people; the reason is US; we are far more than what we think we are; the doctors and the teachers and the priests and the imam and surely the leaders and the politicians they all’ve been telling us who we are or who we got to be; to be worthy of this and that god or Jesus or Mohammed. To be worthy and respected all the damn of the matter.

I see hundreds of faces everyday; with ideas and notions beyond them. Old faces having given up yet rejoice with the beauty of the life. Faces with concerns and faces full of joy. Drunk faces have danced before me. And I obsreved; looked deeply; listened when they spoke; not just like a salesperson pushing for a sale. Not at all; I listened carefully; I went deep into their thoughts. I always discussed politics; arts; movies; books; humanity in general. And I have nor heard neither seen any few from one nation behaving badly to the other. Quite on the opposite a strong bound can be felt between all human beings; no matter from where they are; I have witnessed and seen many times how they are willing to learn; share ; help and be a part of each other…

That’s what I say; there is no evil between people; it is the governments only….

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