We are in karagreat pain; such misery we have never had before. We need to be understood clearly, we are mourning; no we have been mourning for a long time. Our brothers and sisters; our mothers and fathers are being murdered; and where; not in a town close to the border or another problematic area; NO, WE ARE BEING MURDERED IN THE HEART OF OUR COUNTRY. And for the 3rd time in less then 4 months. This is a no return path.

I am not plotting a revenge scenario here. I simply have to scream out and loud. I feel pain in every cell of my body, not only because of the bombings; but the rape of 45 boys by a priest; an imam better to say.

Add u2013_Taksimp since AKP’s first attemp of raping trees in the Taksim Square; Gezi Park, June 2013. Every following day has brought darkness into my country, by enforcing stupid and nonsense law articles into our constitutional law, by taking over media and brainwashing islamic tv programs, by destroying the nature all around the country…. There is no end to counting what they have done to the people of this country; to the spirit of republic, to the ideals that were created by such hard struggles. Everyday the sound and the length of the ezan the prayer is increasing, all our schools are being turned into imamhatip schools (islamic darkness doctrine being taught here). Our generals and commanders were imprisoned for such long time we couldn’t defend ourselves. AKP held our commanders prisoner so that they can give time and space to the rebels to built up resistance; to set up traps in the eastern cities.



and guess who’s behind these schools

Some ottoman style education system being pushed to people; these are called medrese; kuran kursu, külliye. And in Karaman of Konya; in some of these schoollike facilities where only boys are allowed 45 boys were raped. And these facilities are called Ensar Vakfı; I am printing the name down here so that we can directly name the EVIL, they have branches all over the country, I believe wise Turkish parents would immediately end their kids enrollment to these facilities.

Can you believe that??? 45 boys aged between 8 to 14, Yes of course we believe that because this is what AKP is presenting us. RAPE, DEATH, MURDER, ILLITRACY

Letting in 3 million barbaric arabs into the country to bring down our inheritance we have built over centuries. We are being attacked from all directions, fatal invasion of darkness over my beautiful country.

Yet we won’t seek revenge; we only will claim for the justice; we want all AKP behind the bars sentenced to life-imprisonment. They should be brought out on a certain day of every month so we can go there and throw them rotten eggs and tomatoes and show our children who these criminals are and what they have done to our country while we repair it.bayrak

Our innocence will bring us the victory;
and all the nations living under this flag will come together again; just like the days of the Independence War…

Tanrı Hepimizi Korur

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