Turkish Referendum

Turkey and 2017 Referendum for Amendments in The Constitutional Law

What is happening in this country is actually very dramatic and full of irony. But to cut it short: these amendments are causing serious problems; they are simply laying all the power of both jurisdiction and execution into hands of one man: and at the moment this “one man” is Erdoğan; the enemy of the public.referTurk

Before going into all above; the “western mind” needs to understand and comprehend the Turkish Mind. Turks can not be called barberians. On the conterary Turks are civilized. When Europe was struck by the black death; or any inteligent idea was referred to withcrafting and men and women burnt alive; Turks were bathing in their hammams and enjoying utmost health and evenmore freedom. Turks have been immigrating for the last 2000 years; thus thoughout history these nonstop migrations have led to merging cultures when they met Persians, Armenians and Caldaneans, Assyrians (Christians) and many Jewish tribes, they met with Helens, with Zaraostarians, with Kybele and Mithra. That’s why Turks are welcoming, hospitable, talkative, anyone who has been to the country can feel this harmony and the warmth. It all comes from centuries of war and peace, and developing sense of empathy for others; living toghether for centuries. You can see a mosque, next to a church next to a synagogue in İstanbul and all are at least 500 years old, older than the whole history of US who claims to be the leader of the world.

So now with this tiny and quick look at the Turks one can understand why they can not be seriously religious as they have experienced almost all religions on their way to west. They had merged into local people by marriage, and other bounds. This country is full of colors, we have suphies, jews, christians, budists, atheists, majority is muslim but so diferrent than any arab country. The turkish islam is divided into a lot of pieces, all again because of the Turkish İnheritence of Merging Cultures by 1000 year long İmmigrations.

So Turks are born secular; no one has to teach them anything about this, and Turks have the ritual of assembly dating back to 2000 BC, so they believe in parlement, and that’s why Atatürk announced the Grant National Assembly of Turkey

And NOW we have a lunatic who is attempting to erase all power of our grand assembly. 40 percent of our nation is blined by a few gold coins this government of AKP is tossing. But as they have a historical sense of democracy and liberty I believe the result of the referendum will be a GRAND NO.